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The Need for Increased Trail Infrastructure on the Avalon

One of the things that has been highlighted during the COVID-19 pandemic, both locally and around the world, is the importance that trails can play towards positive mental and physical health. Last week we made the rounds on some local media outlets here in St. John's to create awareness around the need for more trail infrastructure on the Avalon Peninsula. As anyone who follows us knows, we're working towards creating formal mountain bike trail infrastructure that can also be used by various other non-motorized user groups. We had conversations with Paddy Daly on VOCM Open Line, Ted Blades on CBC's On the Go, and Ben Cleary with NTV News. Check our the stories/links below.

Help spread the word about the lack of dedicated recreational green space on the Avalon. Let your MHA, MP, Councillor know that you support this sort of development.



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