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Women Shredding Trails on the East Coast

Celebrating International Women's Mountain Biking Day.

At AMBA, we were excited to join the global celebration of International Women's Mountain Biking Day. Despite the foggy weather, the turnout was incredible! Last month, we had 23 women and girls join us on the trails in Pippy Park, supported by our dedicated Board of Directors and other skilled women riders. We want to take a moment to reflect on the event and celebrate the amazing women who continue to inspire and grow the mountain biking community on the east coast of Canada.

We organized a self-supported, no one gets dropped group ride, encouraging women to ride at their own pace and enjoy the camaraderie of fellow riders; women of all ages and skill levels. The atmosphere was electric with excitement, and the sense of empowerment was evident as we tackled the trails together. We are grateful to Freeride Mountain Sports for their generous donation of biking gear, allowing us to surprise our participants with exciting prizes that made the day even more memorable.

Inspired by Andree Sanders of Trips for Kids Metro New York, this day is all about encouraging women to enjoy mountain biking and inspiring more to join the sport. Women's Mountain Biking Day has grown into a global celebration, encouraging women worldwide to conquer challenges and create lasting memories on the trails.

In our community, we celebrate not only professional athletes but also the local heroes who transform mountain biking at a community level. The sport of mountain biking is experiencing a surge in popularity, and we couldn't be happier to witness this growth. The number of women embracing mountain biking on the east coast of Canada has been steadily increasing, and each new rider adds to the vibrancy of our community. We are humbled and thrilled to be a part of this positive change, creating opportunities for women to experience the thrill and freedom of mountain biking.

As we raise our handlebars to all the wonderful women on the trails, we are driven to advocate for an inclusive and welcoming mountain biking community. Together, we're shattering barriers and inspiring others to join in the adventure.

International Women's Mountain Biking Day is a reminder of women's limitless potential in the sport and their ability to shape its future. At AMBA, we're committed to empowering and supporting women riders. Let's pedal forward together, breaking new ground for a diverse and vibrant mountain biking world.

Celebrating Women's Mountain Biking Day with AMBA


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