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Get Involved

If you enjoy using any of the trail networks within St. John's, get involved!


Trails are better when you help build them or support those who do.

Don’t just ride'em and leave'em! Get involved with AMBA by lending a hand in some way. We welcome volunteers of all ages and abilities to pitch in on trail-building days (no experience necessary!), to help organize an event, or just spread the good word about the amazing trails located within St. John's. And, of course, we always appreciate donations. Your contributions go directly back into our trail network in the form of maintenance and trail advocacy. Help make St. John's a better place to ride for everyone.

Reach out to us using our form or email us directly at

AMBA Trail Building Volunteer FAQs

Trail Building

Thanks for donating your time to help build our trail network in St. John’s! Trail building is an important part of developing and sustaining our network. While the ten points below outline the guidelines that should be followed, and they are something all organizers take seriously, trail building is a lot of fun. It allows you a greater sense of appreciation when you help build a trail that you can then ride and enjoy for years to come. We look forward to seeing you on build days! 

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions to help you get started with trail building.
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