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Winter 2022 Trail Conditions

January 28, 2022 UPDATE- Pippy Park

TPB Groomers Co-Op had two groomers running this morning in Pippy Park. You can see their routes below.

It's cold, but it's gorgeous!


January 27, 2022

Winter is back in full swing here on the Avalon- FINALLY!

Here's the latest grooming report from our awesome volunteer groomers in Richmond Hill. GET OUT AND RIDE!

RH got its second groom of the season yesterday evening (Jan 26/22). It was completed as late in the evening as possible to take advantage of the temperature drop and the falling snow. Trails groomed include

  • Boltcutter

  • R&R

  • Hydrotower

  • Ridgeline and

  • Winter Trail from Kneecap to WT Connector.

The tread should have set up quite nicely but there may be some fresh snow on certain areas.

PSA ON TRAIL HAZARD - A tree needs to be cleared on STW before it can be groomed. This will be taken care of this weekend and hopefully, we can get the rest of the trails open soon.

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