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Winter 2023 Trail Conditions

March 16, 2023 UPDATE - Richmond Hill

Richmond Hill has had a complete groom this afternoon (March 16) thanks to our volunteer groomers. The tread compacted really well so with any freezing temps, the trails should be in very good shape including RDH!

As a friendly reminder to all users - walkers, hikers, bikers - we ask that you please "think before you sink". With milder temperatures in our future, the suitability of the trail tread in the coming days will rely heavily on cooperation from all groups to keep them in good condition. Doing so will allow everyone to keep using them and have the most fun! :)


March 13, 2023 UPDATE - White Hills

A real nice groomed track has been laid down by our volunteer groomer this evening in White Hills. For the first time this season, we should be able to enjoy groomed trails on the Oceanside network! The foundation climb is always a real fun descent this time of year!

Please be mindful of potential milder temps during the day's and how that might affect the tread.


March 12, 2023 UPDATE - Richmond Hill

Trails should be setup amazingly after last night's grooming.

Thanks to our volunteer groomers for their efforts.



March 9, 2023 UPDATE - Richmond Hill

Our volunteer groomers completed a groom of Richmond Hill last night (March 8), including Slingshot and RDH. They were able to repair some postholing from the last couple days and the snow compacted very well!

It will be good to go with any freezing temperatures we have in our future. We anticipate they'll have more grooming laps before and after any weekend snow!

Fingers crossed. Thanks as always to this dedicated group.


February 22, 2023 UPDATE - Richmond Hill

Our volunteer groomers were out last night and did a complete groom finishing up around 1:00am at Richmond Hill. All trails are solid and will run very nicely, at least until this surprising snowfall scheduled for today. A bonus, the berms have been set on SWD!

Groomers will attempt to get back up today depending on today's potential snow affects the trail.

📢 A note to our riding community - please refrain from running narrower tires (3.0" or less) on soft snow-covered trails. The tread that's left afterward has a very negative impact on grooming efforts - particularly if that tread freezes. As always, we thank our community for their cooperation.


February 19, 2023 UPDATE - White Hills

White Hills was groomed by our volunteer groomers on Friday and Saturday night. Groomers noted that Fox Hole is a mix of conditions, but all other trails should be good to go!

Only gets better with bike traffic!



Trailforks supports adding winter, snow seasonal trails. Because winter trails often only exist during winter season, these trails are NOT shown on the normal/default map in Trailforks.

Regions that contain winter trails will have a winter trails layer option on the map, this will toggle to show the winter map for the region. Some of the trails within the Pippy Park Network only appear in the Winter map and that map is not always the default view when you use the app or the desktop version of Trailforks. You'll need to turn that on under the "layers"

February 12, 2023 UPDATE - Richmond Hill and White Hills

Richmond Hill has been groomed multiple times over the last couple of days by our volunteer groomers. With Saturday night's temperature drop, things should setup beautifully for Sunday, February 13.

All trees blocking the trail have been removed. Hopefully, this is a sign of more to come!

White Hills has been groomed twice in the last couple of days so it should also benefit greatly from the overnight temp drop! You'll have some great views up there today with this weather.


February 9, 2023 UPDATE - White Hills:

Well, well, well.....snow has finally decided to return enough to St. John's for our volunteer groomers to lay down 15 km's of track in the White Hills trail network. First grooming run in 2 years!

KNOWN TRAIL HAZARDS - there's still a couple of downed trees so please be mindful when riding. In particularly on the Thorlock climb. Please report downed trees to AMBA so we can have them removed by our volunteer trail crew.

Winter's here! Get out and ride!

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