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Latest Trail Conditions | March 17/21

March 17, 2021 UPDATE - Pippy Park/Three Pond Barrens

Happy St. Patrick's Day! For those of you looking to get a ride in before that mild weather hits us, here's the latest on Pippy Park/Three Pond Barrens grooming:

Grooming was completed earlier this morning. There was a lot of drifting in open areas so today's efforts are very welcomed. With the ugly forecast, hopefully you can ride today!


March 14, 2021 UPDATE - Pippy Park/Three Pond Barrens


Sunday afternoon; TPB just completed a 38 km groom. It helped to fill the 'imperfections with fresh snow. As you can see, Firdale was not done because of open water.


The following is a composite report of Saturday and an earlier report this morning. We had asked people not to ride on Sunday, however based on grooming, minus 4 last night and this morning's snow, ride away.

Grooming Report: There were three grooming runs Saturday evening. Conditions will vary. Some exposed areas had significant damage; other routes, notably double track were well packed. - Studded tires will be a necessity. - Conditions are not suitable for skinnies. Firdale is not accessible as the bogs have melted. Furthermore, the hydro line corridor has been torn up by some sort of off road vehicle. Parkers Pond Road is very rough as a result of significant off road vehicle activity. The grooming shown on the map above was done simultaneously by the bravo and the snowdog. The trails below lighter red, was groomed by a polaris with a drag.

Saturday's Grooming Report for Pippy Park:

Lots of grooming this evening and with minus temperatures tonight, we are hopeful good fatbiking conditions tomorrow. Conditions will vary. Some exposed areas had significant damage; other routes, notably double track were well packed and therefore studded tires will be a necessity. Conditions are not suitable for skinnies. Firdale is not accessible as the bogs have melted

NB Although this map shows we groomed Firdale, there is open water. Furthermore, some sort of vehicle has torn up the hydro line right of way.


March 13, 2021 UPDATE - White Hills Trail Network

Volunteer groomers were out this evening just in time before temps dropped! Thanks guys!

White Hills should not have had much traffic before it freezes so should be running well hopefully tomorrow. Fat bikes for sure. Might not be good for skinny again yet. It is highly recommended that studs are used, as there will be many very icy sections. Most everything that has been done this year was groomed tonight, except the top of Old Sam and Foxhole as the exposed areas with little snow cover before the warm weather hit are now bare rock.

March 13, 2021 UPDATE - Richmond Hill Network

Richmond Hill has been groomed and should be in very good shape with the freeze overnight. There was a lot of damage over the last few days but multiple passes took care of the vast majority. Berms are also clear and shaped on SWD thanks to Keith. There is still a lot of snow left and the temps are supposed to stay low for the next few days so get out and ride!!!


March 12, 2021 Update from the Pippy Park/Three Pond Barrens Groomers Co-Op

"The weather is dictating grooming and riding plans for the next few days. In consideration of today’s high temperatures and ~ 0 overnight, along with a tomorrow’s forecast of +4 degrees and sunny, we did not see the benefit of grooming today or tomorrow morning. The forecast for Saturday evening is 0 degrees by 9:00 pm and minus 3 overnight…not what one would call a deep freeze, however, encouraging! The plan is to proceed with two groomers starting at 7:00 Saturday evening. Sunday’s forecast is -3 in the morning, - 2 in the afternoon, with overcast skies. Objective: If we can remediate the trails over the weekend, we should have excellent trails starting next week. (much colder temperatures are forecast starting Monday).

Therefore, we request people not ride on Sunday to allow the trails to ‘set up.’ We are aware there are other users who have every right to use the trails on Sunday, however we ask you to take the lead and find something else to do on Sunday. In other words, “short term pain for long term gain!” AMBA, TPB Groomers Co-Op and Avalon Fatbikers facebook sites will be updated as soon as we are in a position to provide useful updates. Thank you."


March 9, 2021 UPDATE - Pippy Park / Three Pond Barrens

Three Pond Barrens Groomers groomed a new trail, called the Viking Line which is accessible from Snow Route in vicinity of the Viking shack. As shown on the map below, it intersects the hydro line. It will take a while to 'set up,' however you are encouraged to help the process by riding it! In addition, a 'scrape' was done of Frontier which was rough. The scrape, see photo, worked very well. We made three passes which filled in ruts and postholes. It also squared up the profile. The fine tuning will be left to the riders.

The scraper was pulled behind the snowdog. It was used on Soggy Bottom a couple of weeks ago, however this was its first significant application!


March 4, 2021 UPDATE - Richmond Hill Network

Our volunteer groomers another round of Richmond Hill today. Most of it is set up with a light layer of soft snow on top but there are still some sections that are softer and should be avoided. The DH trails are in very good shape but but be aware the route back though the meadow is super soft. Tomorrow should see 3-4 degrees in the afternoon and then cold over night. Hoping to get out while the temps are in the plus range for

March 4, 2021 UPDATE - White Hills Trail Network

Subnet had a couple of passes by the groomers earlier this evening. Subnet and OGXC are good. Most of the main area is fairly firm. Good for fat bikes only with low tire pressure. Crows and foxhole have a lot of soft spots. Particularly the climb after the bridge on Fox Hole. There was also substantial foot post holes in that section. :(

Satan’s and first part of U-190 and foundation climb are hit and miss for soft spots


March 2, 2021 UPDATE - White Hills Trail Network

Groomers managed to groom most everything that has been done this year other than Long Way Around. Should set up well. The main loops should be good pretty well everywhere. Fox Hole and U-190 will have some soft spots from lack of foot traffic and lots of drifting snow.

It's recommended that Fat Bikes only be used fo a day or two at least I would say as there were many areas that have a lot of snow on top of the existing packed tread.

March 2, 2021 UPDATE - Richmond Hill Network

Richmond Hill was groomed earlier. There is a lot of new snow and some big drifts! The groomer was putting down first tracks so it was tough going in places and took a significant amount of time. All main trails were completed, many with multiple passes; however, the groomer didn't get the return trail up through the meadow. Much thanks to Dave and Leslie for their work on the downhills! The shaping and benching is unbelievable! Much of the trail was damp compactable snow but there were still significant areas of softer sections, especially along the Ridgeline. If you chose to ride, please be aware of your tracks and please stay off any soft sections!


FEBRUARY 28, 2021 UPDATE - Richmond Hill Network

Our volunteer groomer managed a groom of the upper Richmond Hill trails this evening. It was slow going because of the massive drifting along the open areas and the top of the Ridgeline. In places, they were taller than the groomer. It will need some more work before it is setup and then rideable but I am hoping to get out again tomorrow when the temps should help compact it better.


FEBRUARY 25, 2021 UPDATE - Richmond Hill Network

Another thorough groom of Richmond Hill was completed this evening. There was very little damage from today except a few big drifts at the backside of the Ridgeline. Trails groomed included Boltcutter, R&R, Panorama, Hydrotower, 3 Bears, Old Trail, Winter Extension, Ridgeline, SWD, YoGuRT, Showgun, Slingshot, RHD, Best of Both Worlds, the Meadow Climb, and Escape Hatch. It should be another epic weekend once it freezes overnight. If you haven't been, give Richmond Hill a go this weekend. You wont be disappointed!

FEBRUARY 25, 2021 UPDATE - White Hills Trail Network

Ideal grooming conditions. The snow compacted very well. If it doesn’t get wrecked before it freezes, it will be fantastic. There will be a fair bit of ice too. Now might be the time to throw on those studded tires!


FEBRUARY 24, 2021 UPDATE - White Hills Trail Network

A caution for both Richmond Hill and White Hills networks - temps are supposed to rise during the day on Thursday and stay above 0 all afternoon and into the evening. It's advisable to stay off both networks until Friday.

White Hills was groomed by our volunteer groomer earlier this evening. Reports are that most trails are in great shape and looks as though it should setup amazing for the weekend after a few degrees below all night (see note above for Thursday conditions, please pay close attention to temps).

It was noted that there was a pretty deep rut left by a user on a non fat bike heading up the new climb and on u-190. We ask you again, that if the trail cannot support the weight of your feet, or your bike (fat bike or non fat bike), please turn around. Most everything other than Bayline should be pretty smooth heading into the weekend.

A photo of the sweet custom built groomer by Mike Trickett. Buy this guy a beer!

FEBRUARY 24, 2021 UPDATE - Richmond Hill Network

Richmond has also been groomed by our volunteer groomers this evening. Should set up nicely and in very good shape once it freezes. The trail gnomes have also been up sculpting even more berms and making the pre-existing ones even bigger. Groomers will be in action in Richmond Hill again Thursday evening to repair any damage from users walking on Thursday.


FEBRUARY 17, 2021 UPDATE - Richmond Hill Network

Volunteer groomers were lucky enough to catch the changing temperatures at just the right time earlier this evening. Snow compacted exceptionally well and should set up very quickly this evening. Hopefully, it will be free of traffic until setup is complete. 🤞

The track is in very good shape and all damage from the last few days seems to be erased. It's suspected conditions will be very smooth and fast by morning. Grooming was completed on Boltcutter, Panorama, R&R, Hydrotower, Ridgeline, Old Trail, WT Exension, WT Connector and for those who like their downs, Slingshot and RHD to the service road.

Get out and ride!!

FEBRUARY 17, 2021 UPDATE - White Hills Trail Network

Asked of the groomer - is it good to go for tomorrow (Thursday)? Simple reply "Oh yes!".

Hopefully more days ahead like this one in White Hills a few days ago.


FEBRUARY 15, 2021 UPDATE - Richmond Hill Network

RH was groomed early Sunday evening. Snow seemed to be setting up very well after the snowshoe traffic of the afternoon. It should be good for tires on the ground on Monday, February 15 on all the normal winter routes but care should be taken if any soft spots remain. Slingshot and RHD were also groomed but would most likely not be set up yet.

Thanks to all who snowshoed and shaped the trails!!!


FEBRUARY 13, 2021 UPDATE - White Hills Trail Network

Latest volunteer groomer efforts are in from White Hills. They completed a 15.5 km run which should really setup the network for use for the coming days.

A note on our recent outbreak of the COVID-19 variant. Please be mindful to ride carefully and maintain physical distance from trail users not in your bubble. Weather looks to be great tomorrow. Enjoy.

FEBRUARY 13, 2021 UPDATE - Richmond Hill Trail Network

Volunteer groomers in Richmond Hill managed a couple of laps there this evening including Boltcutter, R&R, Panorama, Hydrotower, 3 Bears, Old Trail, WT Extension, Ridgeline and SWD. The snow is starting to sett up and while it is rideable in sections there are definitely soft areas especially on the Boltcutter side. With some more traffic on Sunday, it should be in excellent shape very soon and it will be fast and smooth 🙂.

Thanks to all the snowshoers, especially those who took the time to shape and clear the berms!!

Hopefully, groomers will get a chance over the next few days to work on Slingshot down to the service road. Snowshoers welcome!


PREVIOUS UPDATE - FEBRUARY 12, 2021 UPDATE - White Hills Trail Network

Volunteer groomers have just completed a 22.4 km run!! Reports are that IF the trail integrity is maintained and the thread is able to harden, conditions will be ALL TIME! It should take a couple days to harden; if you want to help speed up the process feel free to head up for a snowshoe!


Richmond Hill was groomed earlier this evening. There is a lot of new snow with some decent drifting. A few people were kind enough to lay down snowshoe tracks on much of the network. It will definitely take some more snowshoe traffic and grooming to be ready to ride so anybody that has some free time and wants to get outside tomorrow, feel free to make your way to RH. When it hardens, it should be fabulous!!

Please remember that if you are outside this weekend, ensure you are following Provincial Government Health regulations regarding COVID-19. More info here:

Download the COVID-19 alert app here -