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Good with Money? AMBA is looking for a Treasurer

Avalon Mountain Bike Association is seeking a volunteer to join our Board of Director team.

The Avalon Mountain Bike Association (AMBA) is an incorporated not-for-profit community organization engaged in promoting the sport of mountain biking on the Avalon Peninsula of Newfoundland and Labrador primarily through the development, maintenance and preservation of shared-use trails. We are also committed to promoting socially and environmentally responsible mountain biking and trail use, and to making mountain biking fun and accessible for riders of all levels and demographics. AMBA has been incorporated with the province of Newfoundland and Labrador since 2012. The volunteer board of directors consists of six members who meet monthly and as needed to conduct business.

AMBA's main activities focus on building awareness of existing and development of new mountain bike trails as well as working with community stakeholders and various levels of government to advocate for mountain bike infrastructure to be formalized and preserved. Throughout the year, we organize and coordinate volunteer "dig days" to create new and maintain existing trails throughout the city. Volunteer hours regularly exceed 250 hrs/week. We work to serve the growing mountain bike community, promote physical and mental health in our area and create a network of world class trails that are free and accessible to all users.

Treasurer Responsibilities

  • Provide guidance to Board members on all fiscal matters;

  • Prepare annual financial reports;

  • Prepare internal statements and CRA reporting;

  • Assist in presenting financial statements and annual budget at board meetings;

  • Offer a high-level summary and analysis of all financial statements;

  • Participate in creating an annual budget with sound business principles;

  • Develop, revise, and review the organization’s fiscal policies and procedures.

General Board Member Responsibilities

  • Advise, govern, and oversee Avalon Mountain Bike Association activities;

  • Support the mission and vision, while increasing awareness through promotion;

  • Develop / maintain donor relationships and raise funds when applicable;

  • Look for ways how AMBA can support the community with new programs;

  • Keep in touch with the general needs and concerns of operational activities;

  • Monitor organizational finances, including the adherence to an approved budget;

  • Participate in the overall vision and business strategy development and execution

  • NOTE - The overall time commitment isn't a great deal from the accounting perspective as long as the candidate has the appropriate knowledge. Unless of course the candidate chooses to become more involved in other ongoing initiatives.

Required Qualifications

  • Positive Attitude;

  • Professional Expertise in Accounting and Finance;

  • High Level administrative and organizational Skills.


  • Accounting Designation (CPA or working towards CPA);

  • Previous Board Experience or Knowledge of Board Governance;

  • Active off-road cyclist is an asset but not required.

Start Date: June 2021 for a two-year term.

Terms: Two-year term, renewable three times.

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