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Riding Safely During the Pandemic

There’s been a lot said about how to be physically active and safe during the current pandemic situation and while we’ve been lucky to be able to continue riding in Newfoundland and Labrador thus far, AMBA would like to remind you to adhere to any government directives and Public Health recommendations on physical activity when you ride. For the most up to date Public Health guidance in this province, please visit

As the weather warms and indoor fitness facilities remain closed, trails are going to be busier than ever. There are some best practices to follow to ensure the safety of you and other trail users. The International Mountain Bicycling Association has a great list of considerations that you can access here: Mountain Bike Safety and COVID-19.

If you’re riding alone, tell family or friends where you’ll be and when you expect to be back home again. You can also use notification tools like the  emergency feature on the Trailforks app or Strava Beacon that allow your designated contacts to know your location and ensure you’re back home when you planned. If you're not riding alone, drive to the trailhead only with those in your "bubble" and maintain physical distancing in parking lots and along the trail.

Lastly, ride at or below your skill level. With healthcare resources being guarded right now, we can’t be causing avoidable hospital visits. And, without access to close-contact treatment providers like physiotherapists and massage therapists, you don’t want to have prolonged and untreated bike-related injuries.

Stay safe and have fun out there!

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