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Reimbursement Approval Form

Estimated cost of goods or services purchased on behalf of AMBA must first be approved by the Treasurer and President or Vice-President prior to making any purchase. They can be contacted by email: Matthew Strong, and

For reimbursement of purchases made on behalf of AMBA:


  1. Submit an estimate or quote for expenses to AMBA via the email above. Page 2 of this form should be used as a guide.

  2. Obtain preliminary approval of expenses.

  3. Retain copies of receipt(s) or bill(s) of sale. Credit card statement will not be sufficient.

  4. Fill out item descriptions and final cost on page 2.

  5. Compile all receipts, record of approval and final copy of this form.

  6. Submit to the Treasurer, and copy for reimbursement.

Reimbursement Approval Form

Thanks for submitting!

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