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AMBA Community Builder Night Feedback.

Thank you for participating in our even. Tell us what you thought about it.

We are always open to suggestions from our local mountain biking community. If you have additional ideas or thoughts around how to help grow our community or are interested in helping us achieve the initiatives that were presented, please contact us at

#1 What were your main reasons for attending the event? (select all that apply).
#2 What aspect(s) of the Community Builder Night did you find most engaging? (select all that apply).
#3 On a scale of 1 to 5, how satisfied are you with the information / updates presented, and overall event?
#4 How might you like to get involved with AMBA's initiatives? (select all that apply).
#5 Which of the upcoming 2024 initiatives are you excited about? (select all that apply).

Thanks for your feedback!

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